Friday, February 7, 2014

What happens when you cross online with print advertising?

Be the Dr. Seuss of advertising.

It’s a question Dr. Seuss just might have asked. After all, from his fertile mind came the Elephant-Bird, Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill and countless other creative creatures, all previously unheard of and wildly successful.

Thinking like Dr. Seuss pays off here, particularly for those bound to the strategy of yellow pages, print, billboards, repeat. Print pays off time and again, and yet the Internet continues to be the fastest-growing ad medium, projected to encompass nearly 25% of ad spending by next year. In fact, some researchers predict digital ad spending will be more than the combined total spent on magazines and newspapers by 2015.

All this to say, it’s worth incorporating digital into your schedule along with print. There is no easy formula to successful advertising, as we’ve said time and again. But combining print and digital to make your own unique strategy will pay off.

Drive your online and offline to each other. In other words, cross market, such as putting hashtags on your print and TV ads. And don’t forget mobile. Two-thirds of adults use their cell phones to go online—incredibly, that number has doubled just since 2009. And 34% of those mostly go online with their cell phone, not a laptop or desktop computer. Some of our clients are seeing 45% of their traffic coming from mobile devices!

But remember, even as its growth continues, some of the digital media’s pace is slowing—recent projections for online display advertising, for example, say overall growth will be slower than predicted. Meanwhile, despite the rise in tablet and e-reader use, print remains the way most Americans prefer to read. In fact, Pew Research Center calls print “the foundation of Americans’ reading habits.”

So it’s no surprise that studies show that the most successful marketing strategies are those that include a calculated mix of both digital and print tactics. A recent study had respondents, both B2B and B2C marketers, rank the strategies most effective for their businesses. The results:

  • Email marketing – 83% 
  • Website (content and SEO) – 71% 
  • In-person interactions – 68% 
  • Social media – 49% 
  • Events – 41% 
  • Outbound calling – 33% 
  • PR – 22% 
  • Direct mail – 21% 
  • Traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, etc.) – 17% 
  • Pay-per-click – 17% 

In other words, integrate, integrate, integrate print and digital together. The take-home: There is no silver bullet, no magic pill to make your marketing successful. You need a mix to make a mark. So what’s a marketer to do? Make like Dr. Seuss, and make your own reality. Never stop reinventing and creating.

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