Friday, August 29, 2014

Marketing for the Multi-Screen Revolution

The argument for multi-channel marketing is as old as time… the argument for multi-screen marketing, not so much. It’s gaining ground and effectiveness as consumers’ time between screens becomes more and more fragmented. But what does that mean?

Before we begin, we need to/must understand the method and madness of multi-screen sequences. 71% of Americans use two or more screens daily to view content. Most start with TV, then continue on a smartphone. (But any order is possible, building in tablets, laptops and any digital device.)

Your average multi-screen user racks up at least 5 hours of screen time a day – but consumes 7 hours of screen media during that block. Daytime is dominated by smartphones and laptops; nighttime by TV, and tablet usage also bumps up. Smartphones alone account for 2.5 hours of time every day; mobile and tablets together take up 47% of screen time. In fact:
  • 1 in 5 U.S. consumers use a mobile device to watch TV 
  • Over 50% of American adults own a tablet or e-reader 
  • Device of choice for ages 18-34? Smartphones. 
  • Screen of choice for adults 35-44? Tablets. 
And yet, only 4% of the global media spend is on smartphones and tablets – can you say opportunity? How to capitalize…

Consistency – Make sure customers see your brand and message the same way, no matter which channel they’re in. (Note: That doesn’t mean redundancy to the point of boredom, but rather the same positioning, colors, fonts, etc. Think Coke.)

Connections – How can you engage your customers no matter how they’re connecting with you? Above all be relevant. If you aren’t talking their language, they’ll tune you out no matter where you are.

Cognizance – Know and understand the limitations of the particular screen your customer is using, and how your brand will show on it. Balance entertainment with advertising – and know your audience’s tolerance. Our under-30 friends who grew up digital switch between devices upwards of 27 times an hour. AN HOUR. (Even the 35-55 set clocks in at 17 times an hour.)

Conciseness – We can’t say it enough; content is king, and customers expect content to entertain, quickly. If informs them too, that's even better.

Content – Map out a content strategy – what you’ll be saying and when, then stick to it and execute it faithfully.

Beyond considering new prongs for your marketing program (mobile marketing, smartphone and tablet ads, etc.), tweaking your current marketing for this new user habit profile also bears consideration. You’ll want to optimize your website across the different screen types. A great user experience, no matter the screen or device, is the key. If you build it, they will come – and stay a while.

Not sure how to start the multi-screen revolution at your business? We can help you find the keys, with multi-screen marketing analysis and strategy customized to your goals and content. Contact Cheryl Neumann, [email protected] or 309-346-2512.